3rd IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Mobility 2024


3rd IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Mobility 2024

7th–8th Oct. 2024, Conference in Budapest, Hungary

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Seleced papers will be invited to be published with extended version in highly ranked journals.

  • Promet – Traffic&Transportation – IF 0.7, Scopus, WoS
  • Periodica Politechnica – Transportation Engineering, Q2, Scopus
  • Infocommunications Journal – Q3, Scopus
  • Cognitive Sustainability
  • Energies special issue: Cognitive Tools for Sustainable Mobility – IF 3.0, Scopus, WoS more details about the special issue avaliable here!
  • Scope

    Cognitive Mobility (CogMob) investigates the entangled combination of the research areas such as mobility, transportation, vehicle engineering, social sciences, artificial intelligence, cognitive infocommunications. The key aim of CogMob is to provide a holistic view of how mobility in a broader aspect can be understood, described (modeled), and optimized as the blended combination of artificial and natural/human cognitive systems. It considers the whole combination as one unseparable CogMob system and investigates what kind of new cognitive capabilities of this CogMob system are emerging. One of the CogMob focus areas, based on its nature, is the engineering applications in the mobility domain.


    • Artificial cognitive capabilities in mobility
    • AI, Maschine and deep learning in transport
    • Human-Machine Interface
    • Effect of Future of Internet to mobility
    • Cognitive approach in supply chain
    • Fuels and lubricants for the cognitive vehicles
    • Cognitive sciences in the digital world
    • Sustainability in cognitive transport infrastructure
    • Machine learning for vehicle and traffic control
    • Embodied and enactive cognitive systems effect on mobility
    • Cognitive networks and their intelligent capabilities
    • Human Interfaces: bio, cognitive, digital and wearable interfaces – augmented reality in transport
    • Intelligent Vehicle and Transportation Systems
    • Smart transport
    • Cognitive Infocommunication based learnability for transport
    • Digital Reality in Human development a new area of effective teaching in transport
    • Mobility in precision agriculture



    Prof. Dr. Máté Zöldy DSc., Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

    Honorary Committee

    Prof. Bokor József, MTA SZTAKI

    Prof. Imre Rudas, Obuda University, Hungary

    Prof. Péter Baranyi, Corvinus University, Hungary

    International Scientific Board Chair

    Prof. Wojciech Tutak, Czestochowa Univeristy of Technology, Poland

    International Scientific Board

    Prof. István Barabás, TU Cluj, Romania

    Prof. Aleksander Sładkowski, Silezian Univeristy of Technology, Poland

    Dr. Szilárd Aradi, BME, Hungary

    Prof. Tarek Tutunji, HTU, Jordan

    Prof. József Tar, Obuda University, Hungary

    Prof. László Horváth, Obuda University, Hungary

    Prof. Annamária Várkonyiné-Kóczy, Obuda University, Hungary

    Prof. Szabocs Fischer, Szechenyi University

    International organising committee

    Prof. Olja Cokorilo, University of Beograd, Serbia

    Prof. Zoran Lulic, University of Zagreb, Croatia

    Dr. Dhinesh Balasubramanian, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India

    Dr. Tamás Bécsi, BME, Hungary

    Dr. Ludmiła Filina-Dawidowicz, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland

    Dr. habil Árpád Török, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

    Dr. habil. Mária Csete Szalmáné, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

    Dr. Csaba Tóth-Nagy, Széchenyi István University Győr, Hungary

    Dr. Anna Sudár, Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary

    Technical Program Committee Chair

    Prof. Ersan Kabalcı Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Turkiye

    TPC Co-Chair

    Prof. Erdal Irmak Gazi University, Turkiye

    Prof. Yasin Kabalcı Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, Turkiye

    Publication Chair


    Sponsor and organiser

    IEEE Hungary Section

    IEEE Computational Intelligence Chapter, Hungary

    IEEE RAS Chapter, Hungary

    In Scientific cooperation with

    Promet – Traffic&Transportation
    Periodica Politechnica Transportation Engineering
    Infocommunications Journal
    Cognitive Sustainability